June 14, 2024

Police Respond to Video of Lady Student Screaming for Help Inside Speeding Probox

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Video of lady student screaming was captured being bundled in a speeding car along Thika Superhighway went viral causing an uproar with Kenyans calling on the police to take action. 

The video of lady student screaming for help went viral on Sunday, March 20, shows a car speeding off after picking a woman along the busy highway. 

The woman is heard shouting as the vehicle door swings open, indicating that she is in distress and requesting assistance.

Kenyans were outraged by the footage, and they demanded that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) act quickly to investigate the situation.

Most Kenyans online assumed that the incident was a kidnapping. Police spokesperson Bruno Shioso clarified that the incident was not a kidnapping issue.

He said that a boyfriend and girlfriend had gotten into an argument after an evening out.

The unidentified lady, was a student at one of the universities along the highway, differed with the boyfriend who sought the lady to accompany him for the evening. 

He went on to say that the video showed the woman resisting her boyfriend’s demands before speeding off along the Thika Superhighway.

“Yes, it happened. But not a kidnapping situation as thought from the clip. It was a boyfriend-girlfriend situation disagreement after a day out.

She’s a student at KU and had a scuffle with her boyfriend who wanted her to accompany him for the evening.”

“The clip captured her resisting as he tried to drive off,” Shioso stated. 

The police spokesperson further intimated that the pair had decided to put their differences aside and reconcile. He, however, confirmed that appropriate action would be taken over the reckless act posed by the boyfriend. 

“They have been with the police today having reconciled. But the act was reckless and put her and other road users in danger. Police will determine appropriate action thereafter.”

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