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How Paul Mackenzie was able to conceal bodies in the Shakahola massacre- Grave digger

Grave digger in Shakahola massacre reveals that Paul Mackenzie concealed bodies inside a vegetable garden.

On Saturday, April 29, a grave digger revealed that the bodies exhumed at Shakahola Forest were concealed inside a vegetable garden to present a facade of a well-manicured yard. 

Speaking to the media, the grave digger pointed out that the bodies buried in a mass grave were marked differently hence they carried them in a straight manner. 

The bodies buried in homesteads, on the other hand, were well preserved and appeared to have had morgue treatment before burial.

The grave digger, who requested anonymity, said that in order to deal with the trauma, he needed psychosocial support. 

The digger further affirmed that the exercise caused him and his team sleepless nights because of the horrors.

“The horrific situation affects me a lot. In my life, I had not encountered so many dead bodies at once. I had never witnessed an exhumed body before which was the case in Shakahola,” he pointed out.

The grave digger earns Ksh1,000 daily to exhume the bodies. The exercise was, however, halted due to the harsh weather conditions.

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According to Coast Regional Coordinator Rhoda Onyancha, over 110 bodies were exhumed from the forest, where 60 percent belonged to children.

The commissioner added that four people were rescued while one dead body was recovered on Saturday, April 29. She confirmed that police were using drones to locate survivors.

The news came as Senate Speaker Amason Kingi led an Adhoc Committee to probe the massacre. He urged the government to deploy choppers to assist in the operation.

“There’s a need to upscale the rescue mission, bring in choppers to aerially comb the area and effect the immediate rescue of survivors.”

“If action and tough measures were taken, we wouldn’t have witnessed the atrocities we are witnessing today,” he stated. 

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