‘I need a husband’ — a 56-old virgin cries out

A 56-old Virgin woman cries out for a husband after lamenting about her difficulty in getting her lover.

In an interview with Afrimax, the woman identified as Alvera Uwitonze, is also physically challenged.

Alvera added that she has never had sexual affair with a man all her life.

A 56-old Virgin also said although she had suitors when she was younger, but rejected them due to fear that the relationship would only birth sexual intercourse.

She said she now regrets the decision.

“I was left home alone and men tried to have me, but I refused and said no,” said Alvera, whose country wasn’t mentioned in the emotional interview.

“I had a problem of men who sleep with women and later abandon them. So I refused to accept such and I ignored all men.”

Alvera said now that she is willing to get into a relationship, it appears that no man wants to be with her due to her age and physical condition.

She said she eventually came across a man in her village who agreed to marry her on the condition that she would give him $200.

“All I am looking for right now is the $200 to give to that man because I’m getting old and I really need him because I’m sick with asthma,” she said.

“I need help with some work and a husband as well.”

Alvera said she was born as a normal baby but things began to change as she was growing up.

She said she fell sick and her parents — after trying their best — abandoned her due to her condition.

“They said if I was treated at a young age, I would be fine today. But the people I know took me to native doctors instead of the hospital,” she said.

“I refer to that as ignorance because if they had taken me to the hospital, I would be fine by now.”

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