June 20, 2024

ICC Witness Testifies How He Was Promised KSh 10m, House and Land to Drop From William Ruto’s Case

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ICC Witness testifies how he was promised KSh 10m, house, and land to drop from William Ruto’s case, saying he only got KSh 2m. 

The witness revealed he was promised KSh 10 million, a house, and land to recant his statement in Deputy President William Ruto and radio journalist Joshua Arap Sang’s case. 

The prosecution witness who testified in lawyer Paul Gicheru’s case said he was approached by another witness who had received a similar offer. 

Testifying at the ICC on Tuesday, March 22, the witness, whose identity was concealed to protect him said out of the KSh 10 million promise, he only received KSh 2 million. 

He said he was to receive the money in a lump sum and was advised against depositing the money in a bank. 

The ICC prosecutor Anton Steinberg also stated during the court proceedings that the witness would receive handouts of about KSh 500,000 during meetings. 

“As regards the money, the KSh 10 million, according to your understanding of the discussion, how was that to be paid? Steinberg asked the witness. 

“Your honour, the payment was to be made in lumpsum,” the witness who is the eighth answered. 

The ICC witness told the judges that this was in exchange for a ticket out of Africa so that his children could study in foreign schools 

Although the witness said that he could not recall what exactly he told the investigators, he said he cooked the information so that his family, together with him, could leave the country. 

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