June 20, 2024

Ida Odinga apologizes, withdraws remarks on mushrooming of churches

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Ida Odinga, the ODM leader Raila Odinga’s wife, has apologized over remarks on mushrooming of churches she made on Saturday.

Mama Ida, had urged the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) to regulate the churches under it.

Ms. Odinga stated that her apology stemmed from the dissatisfaction that her statements had caused among believers.

Ms. Odinga asked the NCCK to restrict the mushrooming of churches in Kenya on Saturday, while presiding over the presentation of a book by archbishop emeritus Habbakuk Abogno at the Church of Christ in Africa in Dala Hera, Kisumu.

She pointed out that some of the churches were based on erroneous religious beliefs.

She also urged church leaders to study theology in order to pass on relevant lessons to their congregations.

However, in a statement on Monday by the Ida Odinga Trust, she withdrew the remarks, which had unsettled the church and sparked a social media debate.

“I wish to this morning withdraw the statement I made to NCCK on Saturday 29th (asking them) to regulate the churches under them in order to promote consistency and relevance in messaging for promotion of evangelism in Kenya.

“It has come to my realization that my comments haven’t sat well with some members of the church. I sincerely apologize for the discomfort caused, as I meant no harm to any person.”

Her position on the training of preachers, she said, had also been blown out of context by the reports circulating online.

“I reiterate that training only makes the service of preaching better and promotes the administration of the word of God.

“As a committed believer in Jesus Christ, I understand that preaching is a calling and anyone can be touched to administer the word of God.

“This is a fact I have appreciated for a long time and I have sat and listened to many preachers eloquently and diligently deliver life-changing sermons.”

Mama Ida Odinga said she remains dedicated to promoting the growth of the church space for a better society.

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