May 23, 2024

Joho opens up on succeeding Raila Odinga

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Joho opens up on succeeding Raila Odinga

Hassan Joho now says that he only wants to inherit Raila Odinga's political ideology, consistency, courage and political might

Hassan Joho now says that he only wants to inherit Raila Odinga’s political ideology, consistency, courage and political might.

Speaking in Wajir on Thursday, Former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho who was responding to people invested in the Raila succession politics said the former Prime minister has taught him a lot through the years he has been a politician.

The Former Mombasa Governor added that he also wants to inherit Raila’s sense of direction in terms of leadership.

“Watu wamezungumza mambo ya kurithi Raila Odinga. Ile mimi nataka kusema kama Hassan Joho ile kitu narithi kwa Raila ni ile ideology ambayo amenifundisha kwa miaka yangu ya siasa, mawazo, mienendo, muelekeo na uthabithi, ujasiri na usimba wa siasa,” Joho said.

In addition, Joho criticised leaders who are questioning his re-emergence in the political arena after months of absence from opposition events.

While he did not mention the leaders who were questioning him, he cautioned them against doubting his intention for the party and the party leader, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

He expressed that Raila was aware of his absence from the political scene adding that he usually consults the ODM boss in the decisions he undertakes.

“Since I joined politics, there is no day that I ever took a decision without consulting Raila. They are people who are questioning why I am back. They say that I disappeared.

“There is so step that I took without the knowledge of Raila. Don’t play with me,” he stated.

Joho made the remarks during an ODM recruitment drive in the North Eastern county.

During the event, he also expressed his intentions of vying for the presidency in the upcoming elections, asserting that he would only be willing to shelve his ambitions should the ODM boss want to vie.

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The former governor insisted that the next government would be formed by the ODM party.

He added that it will be led by either Raila Odinga or himself as President.

“The government coming in 2027 belongs to ODM and there are two things. If not Raila Odinga it is Hassan Joho. The person I can leave without question is Raila, but the others like my brother Oparanya, we will fight inhouse and then we will decide,” Joho said.

After the 2022 General Election, Joho was among notable leaders who missed key events of the opposition including the countrywide protests against President William Ruto’s administration.

He also kept a low profile on social media, occasionally sharing videos of his stay outside the country.

His recent reemergence also comes at a time when leaders are jostling to take over from Raila who is set to vie for the African Union Commission Chairperson position.

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