May 20, 2024

Josh Kroenke claim on Arsenal fans and English football supporters

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Josh Kroenke has told Road Trippin’ that he believes that the level of passion amongst Arsenal fans and English football supporters, in general, is like nothing else he has seen.

Kroenke, of course, was involved in a tumultuous period in Arsenal’s history.

He has been on the board at the Emirates since 2013.

And the FA Cup has been their only taste of trophy over that time.

During Kroenkes’ tenure at the club, there has been a lot of discontent. There have been times when the chasm between fans and the club’s hierarchy appeared to be irreparably damaged.

Over the last year, there have been more encouraging indicators. Mikel Arteta appears to be constructing something for Arsenal.

And, while there are still questions about whether Arteta is the appropriate guy for the job, it appears that the fans have found a club with which they can identify.

The Kroenkes still have a long way to go before they can win over all of their detractors.

Arsenal supporters, on the other hand, will appreciate what their director has recently remarked about the degree of support the Gunners receive.

Josh Kroenke interview

“The level of passion that is involved in European football, and the support that goes into these clubs – I don’t want to say it’s deeper than anything we have over here – but it’s way deeper than anything we have over here,” he told Road Trippin’.

Obviously, there will always be some supporters who are skeptical about their owners, no matter what happens. And the Kroenke’s have made some hugely controversial decisions.

As Kroenke goes on to note, the club’s hierarchy made the wrong call on joining the European Super League last year, for example.

For some, they will never be accepted. 

But others may take encouragement from what has happened since. Arsenal looks to be in a much better place and building something.

Of course, the Kroenke’s will not make decisions simply based on how popular they will be amongst the fanbase. But there is often a clear and direct correlation between the level of success on the pitch and the general contentment of those working behind the scenes.

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