June 20, 2024

KCPE Candidate Goes Blind Days Before Sitting Her Exam In Kitui

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KCPE Candidate Goes Blind Days Before Sitting Her Exam In Kitui

A KCPE Candidate at Kasole Primary School in Mwingi Central Kitui County went blind days to her Kenya Certificate Primary Education (KCPE) after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

According to accounts, the 15-year-old child went blind after attending at Mwingi level IV hospital eight days ago to have her throbbing headache evaluated.

Her mother admitted that her daughter had regular headaches, but said she did not feel they were serious.

“I used to buy her painkillers, but when the pain persisted, I brought her to the hospital,” she said.

The hospital’s administrator stated that the pupil’s condition was critical and referred her to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) for specialized care.

Our tests show a brain tumor, and that is what has possibly led to her loss of sight,” said Dr. Mumo while speaking to The Standard on Tuesday.

The hospital can only keep the condition under control with painkillers because they don’t have the ability to retrieve the tumor.

The mother is now appealing for assistance with her daughter’s therapy in order for her to restore her sight.

The daughter still remains optimistic that she will be given assistance and will be able to take the examinations, even if it is not until later this year.

“I was ready, and I’m willing to do the exams, if only I can regain my sight,” she said.

The KCPE exams began on Monday, March 7, and will conclude on March 9, 2022.

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