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“Keep off Mt Kenya until you address issues affecting residents,” -Kabogo to Ruto CSs and UDA MPs

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo warns Ruto CSs and UDA Members of Parliament over unresolved issues affecting the Mt Kenya region.

Speaking on Sunday, December 10, at Ruiru Stadium, Kabogo bemoaned the dire economic circumstances that had severely devastated regional activity. 

 The former governor of Kiambu bemoaned how every other sector of the country had been impacted by the decision to raise fuel prices beyond Ksh200, but the leaders of Mount Kenya remained silent.

Kabogo stated in a notification that the leaders abstain from all public events in the area until they speak with President William Ruto regarding the cost of living.

“They have increased fuel prices which have had a ripple effect on everything else, from medicine to food and other important needs. Yet you have an MP here in Ruiru, next to him is Kimani Ichung’wa of Kikuyu. 

We are giving them a notice to keep off public meetings,” Kabogo stated.

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“Let them know we are angry and if the price of fuel does not come down, we will work to send them home before their term expires. The people of Kenya are angry,” he added amidst cheers from the crowd.

During the event, Kabogo directed the crowd to not listen to any other leader from the Kenya Kwanza regime because of the high taxes imposed on them.

He, however, pleaded with them only to listen to Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria who was at the forefront in addressing their plight.

In addition, Kabogo vowed to lodge a public defence against those calling for Moses Kuria’s axe from Cabinet.

“Moses Kuria is here and I urge you to let him speak, he is a good man and he is one of us. But if any other CS or MP comes, do not let them speak. They are the ones who have put us in a very difficult position, they are almost milking our blood. Let them go tell Ruto that enough is enough, I am saying this in broad daylight and not in the cover of darkness. They cannot circumcise me a second time,” the former Governor announced. 

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