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Kenyan lady forced to breastfeed dogs in Saudi Arabia sparking outrange (VIDEO)

A Kenyan lady doing domestic work in Saudi Arabia has in a hilarious video revealed how she has been forced to breastfeed dogs.

The has gone viral where the unidentified lady is seen breastfeeding puppies. 

She says that one of her job descriptions is to take care of her boss’s Dogs.

The young woman is heard crying for help from Kenyans to help her get back home. She went to the Arabian country two weeks ago.

The lady had left her home, her husband, and her two-month-old baby in search of greener pastures. 

Upon the realization that the lady is a new mother and can breastfeed, the gulf employer gave the Kenyan the task of breastfeeding his puppies.

Video of a Kenyan lady forced to breastfeed dogs in Saudi Arabia

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The video has already gone viral with Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU-K) Secretary General Francis Atwoli.

In a press briefing at his Kajiado home on Sunday, October 9, the COTU boss called on President Ruto’s administration to immediately ban all employment agencies. 

“This is indirect slavery,” termed Atwoli as he urged the Ruto-led administration to act on the dire situation. 

“I want to appeal to the administration to go the way the first government under former president Mwai Kibaki did. He banned all employment agencies in Kenya.”

“Let this issue of our people, migrant workers be a government-to-government negotiation on terms and conditions of service be it Qatar or anywhere in the gulf so that our people can do decent jobs,” Atwoli insisted. 

The COTU boss added that such vile acts painted a bad image of Kenyans who are in search of decent jobs in the gulf countries. 

“It denies the dignity of our own people. It denies respect for our people. It denies us our own citizenship as Kenyans,

Further, Atwoli sounded a warning to all Kenyans seeking opportunities in the gulf to be vigilant and not fall prey to every scheme.  

“Let us remain here as we are. We have a new government that is struggling to refurbish our economy. The economy will grow under this government you’re better off earning ten thousand shillings and remain in this country.”

“The jobs outside there are demeaning. They are jobs that are not respectful. They are jobs that are not decent as advocated for by the International Labour Organization. They are jobs that we cannot accept as Kenyas; people that are free and independent in our own country,” Atwoli noted.

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