Saudi Arabia issues statement on Kenyan student Diana Chepkemoi, contradicts reports that she was mistreated

Saudi Arabia issues a statement on Kenyan student, Diana Chepkemoi, contradicting earlier reports that she was being mistreated.

In response to allegations that Diana Chepkemoi was abused, the Saudi Embassy in Kenya has addressed the issue stating that Diana Chepkemoi has a normal medical problem.

In a statement issued on Saturday, September 3, the embassy contradicted earlier reports that the 24-year-old was mistreated.

“In reference to what was circulated on social media regarding allegations of mistreatment of a Kenyan woman residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Embassy would like to clarify that the woman suffers from a normal health condition and was not subjected to any kind of ill-treatment,” 

The Embassy said it is fully committed to protecting the complete rights of inhabitants living on its territories of diverse nationalities and its aware of the situation

“The Kenyan embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is fully aware of the situation,” 

Saudi Arabia’s embassy added that the rules followed in the Kingdom are rigorous against any activities that undermine human dignity, regardless of whoever they are.

Diana Chepkemoi, who is said to be stranded and being detained against her will in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was freed thanks to the efforts of leaders and some Kenyans when her photo of her appeared while she was in a terrible situation and went viral on social media.

The statement comes after an audio of his employer surfaced threatening to deal with her for being disrespectful and arrogant. 

In the audio, the employer is heard warning Chepkemboi of dire consequences for hatching plans to escape.

However, Amb. Macharia Kamau, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that the matter has been followed up by relevant authorities and that Chepkemoi is under good care.

Chepkemoi’s story sparked widespread condemnation from Kenyans who called on the government to intervene and save the girl.

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