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High school student commits suicide after falsely accused of stealing pencils, suicide note reads

High school student from Machakos commits suicide after being falsely accused of stealing pencils according to the suicide note she left.

It has come to light that a high school student who committed suicide on Wednesday at a girl’s school in Tala, Machakos County, may have been wrongfully accused of stealing pencils from a classmate, according to a suicide note she left behind.

The school’s deputy principal is believed to have requested the 16-year-old girl to return goods she was accused of stealing before she hanged herself in one of the dormitories.

A report OB number 37 of 31/8/2022 made by the principal and the deputy at Tala Police Station on Wednesday afternoon stated: “The deputy principal was handling an issue with Form Three student by the name (withheld) a juvenile aged 16 on allegation of stealing Sh2,500 and a packet of pencils.”

The student “accepted,” according to the administration of the school, to return the mentioned items. 

She was allegedly instructed to find the dorm prefect, who would have given her the necessary keys to allow her to retrieve the stuff.

“The student took too long to come back, thus making the deputy principal suspicious. She proceeded to the dorm in the company of three other students only to find the student’s body,” said the report.

Police were immediately called to the scene to commence investigations. 

The girl’s mother has accused the school of complacency by not handling the events that led to her daughter’s death professionally. 

She accused the school of concealing what transpired before her daughter’s death.

 A suicide note was discovered from the student’s items adding more questions about what happened.

In the suicide note addressed to her mother, the student does not mention the Sh2,500 the school’s administration claimed she had been accused of stealing but only talks of pencils and that she was never given a chance to explain herself.

“I told you guys that I am not responsible for the lost pencils but you will still not believe me as you insist I am the one,” she said.

“Well only God knows but since I don’t want to cause more trouble in this school and let my mum suffer again because of me, let me let myself out. May God bless you for always encouraging me bye bye. I am coming to meet you, dad,” she said.

“I beg and pray that you will not involve my mum in this because she still has some tasks to do for my siblings,” the note stated.

However, the school’s administration has maintained its initial report on the student’s death.

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