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Kibicho Orders Crackdown On Hired Goons Disrupting Political Rallies

Kibicho Orders Crackdown On Hired Goons by Rogue Politicians to Disrupt Political Rallies of their Opponents.

PS Karanja Kibicho of the Interior Ministry has ordered police officers across the country to crack down on goons hired by renegade politicians to disrupt political rallies.

The order comes on the back of intelligence reports from various law enforcement agencies linking hired goons to the disruption of recent political events in Kirinyaga County.

Two local politicians, according to Kibicho, are at the heart of the disturbances, having allegedly hired hooligans to disrupt political events planned by their opponents.

The hired hecklers were allegedly hired to disrupt campaign rallies of Martha Karua as she took Azimio campaigns in the Mt Kenya region.

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Kibicho Orders Crackdown

On Friday 20, May, when he officially opened seven new administrative units in Kirinyaga County, the PS asked government officials to work with the National Police Service to locate and prosecute the alleged hooligans.

“Kirinyaga is a peaceful county and our people are civilized and hospitable. We cannot allow a handful of hooligans to cause chaos here and taint the good reputation of our county,” he said.

Kibicho urged Kirinyaga residents not to be duped into tolerating and endorsing divisive politics all in the hopes of securing easy paychecks.

“Insults and sponsoring chaos are retrogressive and primitive practices, and Kirinyaga is beyond that. We must oppose leaders corrupting the minds of our young people using cheap liquor and bhang as a means to political glory,” he said.

Kibicho likewise stated that the recruitment of new administrators who will man the new administrative units in Mutige location and Gatugura, Thumari, Kiandai, Githage, Raimu North and Raimu South sub-locations will commence on Monday.

“The number of our administrative units has doubled in Kirinyaga since President Kenyatta took over. From 87 sub-locations, we now have 152 of them, and this speaks volumes on the government’s progressive efforts to decentralize security and citizen services,” he said. 

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