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Last moments of late ICC suspect Paul Gicheru revealed as police pursue three leads

Late ICC suspect Paul Gicheru looked stressed and dejected during his last days according to family lawyer John Khwaminwa.

Paul Gicheru’s family lawyer, Senior Counsel John Khwaminwa, has disclosed that the suspect for the International Criminal Court (ICC) was not himself in the days preceding his demise.

In a statement to the media on Tuesday, September 27, Khaminwa described how the alleged witness interference lawyer appeared tense and depressed.

He also ruled out poisoning, which was widely reported in the media as the cause of death.

He additionally stated that the family was waiting on the police to release a preliminary report on his death as they wait for the postmortem results. 

“It appears as if Paul Gicheru was not himself, he was in a stressful condition. That’s what I’m able to gather. What I’m reading on social media that he probably ate some food and so on it doesn’t appear to be so,” he stated.

“The cause of death is not really known because it is being investigated by the police. I have talked to the senior officers who are investigating the death. They were here yesterday.

“The best we can do is not to make reckless allegations. Let us find out what the investigators will come up with. We may decide to have a postmortem to look at the internal organs of his body,” he stated.

Reports had alleged that Gicheru went to sleep after lunch, complaining that he was feeling unwell. At around 7 pm, his family discovered that he was unresponsive. 

Meanwhile, the police are pursuing three leads into the late ICC suspect Paul Gicheru’s death.

According to early reports, Gicheru was found with foam forming in his mouth after taking his meal.

In order to determine the composition of the food consumed, how it was prepared, and where it came from, the detectives working on the case are now using forensic toxicology.

Detectives apparently also made an effort to determine how many others were present when Gicheru ate his meal.

The detectives are also conducting oral toxicology to determine whether the lawyer ingested poison and the effects it had on him and his son.

The police are further connecting the dots between what affected Gicheru, who died from the incident, and his son who survived. 

His son is currently battling for his life in hospital at the hospital.

Doctors, however, assured the family that he was in a stable condition.

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