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Lawmaker asks Ruto to issue an order over schools withholding KCSE certificates

Ruto asked to issue a directive on releasing Kenya Certificates of Secondary Education (KCSE) withheld by school heads.

While speaking to the media on Sunday, January 15, Manyatta Member of Parliament John Gitonga Mukunji pleaded with Ruto to give the order over the issue.

He argued that it was improper for the school administrators to retain the KCSE certificates as doing so endangered the students’ lives.

“I want to appeal nationally to president Ruto to give a directive that all certificates for public secondary schools be released to students so that they can join TVETs, colleges, and universities to continue with their lives,” he pleaded.

In a countyr where the level of unemployment is so high, and a tough economy that has seen top students living miserable lives, Mukunji noted that the situation was being made worse by the school bosses who failed to release the certificates.

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“You cannot prosper without these certificates. The moment you hold them behind it means you have put their lives to a halt. You can’t even secure a job without them,” he noted.

The lawmaker further added that because the government always funds the institutions, the unpaid school fees that were being cited as a reason to withhold credentials had no bearing.

Mukunji issued a directive ordering all heads of public schools in his district to issue the certificates to the affected former students right away.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) MP expounded on how he had become tired of complaints from students who were suffering after completing school.

Lack of certificates could force the students into forging papers, a trend that had been witnessed in the past among politicians.

“If one has completed his form four even with school fees balance give the certificates to the students to further their studies. No school has been indebted since the government has been funding these schools,” he noted.

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