Magoha Declines Senate Proposal To Include Chess In CBC Curriculum

Chess In CBC Curriculum; The Ministry of Education Has Declined a Proposal by the Senate to Introduce chess in CBC.

A Senate proposal to introduce chess games to be part of the curriculum into the education system has declined.

The Parliament Committee on Education had recommended chess be introduced as an extracurricular activity but several stakeholders had raised concerns that needed addressing.

“Chess Kenya Federation should leverage on the collaborative engagement established during processing of this petition,” the report reads.

However, the ministry of education clarified that chess is not among the core subjects to be studied under the Competency-Based Curriculum.

The ministry stated in written representations to the Senate that there is no budget allocation for the game.

The ministry will need to allocate more finances and resources to the implementation of a new game into the curriculum.

The ministry also stated that there are insufficient resources to add another game to the already overburdened games and sports ministry calendar.

The Teachers Service Commission stated that CBC already has a Physical Education component.

PE and sports are required in junior high, while Arts and Sports Science are offered in senior secondary.

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Chess In CBC Curriculum

However, TSC was open to having teachers with knowledge on chess teach their colleagues, in case the game is incorporated.

“TSC informed the committee that it does not have a direct legal mandate over the subject matter under deliberation,” the report reads.

The CKF was advised to consult with TSC in case of any plans to train teachers on the chess game.

This, according to the commission, will determine if the training is in line with Teacher Professional Development.

“The mandate to introduce subjects is vested in the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development,” the report reads.

The curriculum developer said there is already provision for a wide range of games to be selected by learners.

Students are free to choose indoor games according to their interests, which include chess, scrabble, and others.

The petitioners, Fred Sagwe and other teachers had asked senators to compel the Education ministry to include chess in CBC.

CKF submitted memoranda to KICD in 2016 with similar concerns, but the attempts were unsuccessful.

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