Rachel Ruto’s Video on Performing ‘Water Miracle’ Goes Viral

Rachel Ruto’s Video on Performing ‘Water Miracle’ on dirty borehole water at their Karen residence Goes Viral.

Rachel Ruto, the deputy president’s wife has revealed how dirty borehole water at their Karen residence miraculously turned clean.

Rachel Ruto revealed during a meeting at the residence on Friday, May 6 that they drilled a borehole and that when the water was taken to the laboratory, experts cautioned them that it was unfit for human consumption.

She explained that the dark color of the water indicated the presence of pollutants.

She said that she had purchased expensive water purifying equipment, but the water was still unsafe to drink.

She remembered a Bible verse about Prophet Elisha converting unsuitable water into drinkable water.

“In 2018, I remembered about our water here in Karen. I know there are many people who live in Karen and at least for us where we live, we drilled a borehole in 2003 and when the water was taken for checks at the laboratory, experts told us that we could not drink it until it was purified. So my husband, the Deputy President, went into a venture and bought very expensive purifying machines,” she narrated.”We started purifying the water all the time before we can drink it or before we can use it, and I kept wondering because one could actually see the impurities. It was very impure and we kept changing the filters.”

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Mama Rachel stated that her strong conviction in Christ kept reminding her of the Prophet Elisha when he was visited by leaders of Jericho over the bad state of the water in the city.

“I kept wondering and saying, ‘supposing I go pray for this water. Is it possible for it to be purified?’ That is what I kept telling myself. This was happening in 2003,” she added.

Mama Rachel stated that their house help was also frustrated with the state of the water as it was not fit for drinking and her subconscious kept nagging her to pray like Prophet Elisha.

She started a fasting and prayer season and after her meetings, she went to the kitchen, took a bowl of water, and put salt in it. She went to the borehole and said her prayers and miraculously the water changed.

“I went and decreed the words of Elisha. I went and said this water will never be dirty again and I spread the salty water around the borehole. It was about to rain, so I ran quickly and went to the house,” Mama Rachel narrated.

“I came back home on Friday and went to the residence on the other side because I had some guests. On arrival, I saw the water was looking different. So I waited for the guests to leave and I asked my boy, Shadrack, what had happened to the water.”

“He told me he did not know what happened but the water was now clean,” she recalled.

The Deputy President’s wife is known for her staunch Christian nature.

Rachel Ruto’s Video

Video Courtesy of Standard Media

The video – which has since gone viral – has attracted mixed reactions, with a section of Kenyans trusting her while another section remains pessimistic.

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