May 24, 2024

Man commits suicide in the church in Homabay, leaves note remains be cremated

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A man has committed suicide in the church in Homabay County and left a note the remains be cremated.

Worshippers in Homa Bay Town on Saturday, January 8 were shocked to find a human body of a local MpesA agent in their local church.

The body identified to be of Joshua Odoyo Nyariera was found inside Oneno Nam Roho Msalaba Church at Shauri Yako estate by worshippers who arrived for morning fellowship.

His body was discovered hanging from the church’s roof by a sisal rope.

Odoyo, 23, is thought to have committed suicide, according to a note found at the scene.

In Homa Bay Town, Odoyo ran an M-Pesa shop. He reportedly indicated in the note, written in Luo, that he had decided to end his life due to his inability to pay his obligations.

Odoyo reportedly said some of his creditors had threatened to sue him and “send me to jail”.


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“I cannot afford a lawyer and my parents are unable to help me offset the debts. I’m afraid of being jailed. As a result, I choose to end my life,” he reportedly said in the note.

The note also said that Odoyo’s remains be cremated and the ashes buried in his parents’ compound.

Odoyo reportedly begged his family to watch after his young wife in the note.

The deceased had been a member of Oneno Nam Roho Msalaba Church for six months before passing away.

Church elder Benson Oyieng said they had seen Odoyo in the church compound on Wednesday, January 5.

Arujo Sub-Location Assistant Chief Jackton Olielo confirmed the incident.

Joshua Odoyo’s body was moved to the Homa Bay County Teaching and Referral Hospital morgue.

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