June 14, 2024

Manchester United responds after Victor Lindelof’s house break-in

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Victor Lindelof’s house break-in; Manchester United issues statement

Victor Lindelof’s home was broken into while he was playing against Brentford on Wednesday night, according to Manchester United.

Maja Lindelof, Victor Lindelof’s wife, has revealed that their home was broken into while her husband was playing for Manchester United in London on Wednesday night.

While his family stayed in Manchester for the evening, the Sweden international was in action for United in their 3-1 victory over Brentford.

On Friday afternoon, Maja turned to social media to disclose that their home had been broken into while she and their two young children were present.

She wrote: “During Victor’s game this Wednesday night we had a break-in at our house in Manchester. I was home alone with both the kids but we managed to hide and lock ourselves in a room before they entered our house.

“We are okay under the circumstances, but it was obviously a very traumatic and scary moment for both me and my little kids.

“We are now in Sweden and are spending some time off with our families.

On Friday, United issued their own statement, requesting anyone with knowledge to contact the authorities.

A club statement read: “We can confirm that a break-in occurred at Victor Lindelof’s house during the away game against Brentford.

“His family, who were at home at the time, were unhurt but clearly shaken. This was a distressing experience for them, and for Victor when he learned of it after the game, and the club is providing them with our full support.

“We encourage anyone with information about the crime to contact the police.”

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