Martha Karua-Gachagua’s Impact on Raila-Ruto Popularity; Latest TIFA Poll Shows 

Martha Karua-Gachagua’s Impact on Raila Odinga-Deputy President Ruto Popularity; Latest TIFA Poll Shows.

Azimio La Umoja One Kenya presidential flagbearer, Raila Odinga, has overtaken Kenya Kwanza’s William Ruto in the latest popularity poll released by TIFA.

Raila received 39% of the vote in a recent poll, while Ruto received 35%.

Raila’s popularity increased from 32% in April to 39% in June, according to the poll, which was conducted after the two frontrunners chose their running partners.

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Martha Karua-Gachagua’s Impact 

“39 percent of our sample said that they would be voting for Raila Odinga as president and Martha Karua as his running mate while 35 percent said that they would be voting for the DP and his running mate,” TIFA research showed.

Wiper party leader, Kalonzo Musyoka, who declared his presidential bid on Monday, May 16, after ditching Azimio, comes at a distant third with a popularity of two percent.

However, 14 percent of the voters are still undecided while another 9 percent did not respond to the poll.

With a 38 percent affinity rating, Azimio La Umoja One Kenya is the most popular coalition in Kenya, followed by Kenya Kwanza with a 28 percent rating.

In Nyanza, Lower Eastern, Nairobi, Western, and Coast regions, the Raila-led alliance dominates.

The majority of Kenya Kwanza supporters, on the other hand, hail from the Central and South Rift Valleys, as well as Mount Kenya.

None of the coalitions are preferred by 21% of Kenyans, while 10% are uncertain.

With 29 percent of the vote, Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) is still the most popular political party, 4 points ahead of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Meanwhile, only 85 percent of UDA supporters back the Kenya Kwanza coalition as compared to an overwhelming 96 percent of ODM supporters who back Azimio.

With both Raila Odinga and William Ruto picking running mates from the vote-rich Mount Kenya region, the Raila – Martha Karua enjoys a 24 percent popularity in the region while the Ruto – Rigathi Gachagua ticket enjoys a 46 percent popularity.

Majority of the voters aged 35 years and above back the Raila – Karua ticket.

On the flip side, Raila gained popularity most in Coast and Nyanza (13 percent each), Western (12 percent), Central Rift (nine percent), and Mount Kenya (six percent).

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