School Teacher Gets 15-year Imprisonment For Raping Student In Staff Room

School teacher has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for allegedly raping a teenage girl.

It is reported that the school teacher had made several advances to the student, but she rejected his offers.

However, the suspect identified as Ernest Ocloo reportedly tricked the young girl into the staff room on the day of the assault.

According to reports, the victim found the suspect seated on a sofa in the staff common room.

 He urged her to join him offering her Yoghurt and Shito but she declined.

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The victim shut the staffroom door and allegedly started fondling her breasts.

She allegedly battled with him, but he overpowered her and forced her to the ground, where he undressed her and assaulted her.

The victim due to the forceful penetration, could neither stand nor walk amidst excruciating stomach ache but, Ocloo argued at the court that they had consensual sex, and the student passed out as a result of the excitement.

However, a seven-member jury at Tamale High Court found the school teacher guilty of the offence.

The incident happened at Sawla Senior High School (SHS) in Ghana.

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