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Men spending more time on self-care than women, Report

The KNBS survey found that men spend more time on personal activities like self-care and leisure compared to women in all counties apart from Nairobi and Homa Bay.

According to a research by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), Kenyan men are treating themselves well and are becoming more conscious of their bodies.

Findings from the report titled Kenya Time Use Survey released on Wednesday indicated that men spend 710 minutes per day on self-care and maintenance.

Women, on the other hand, spend five minutes less—or eleven hours and forty-five minutes—on self-care activities.

Among the self-care practices include keeping an eye on nutritional requirements, grooming, exercising, taking walks, and getting enough sleep.

Time spent by men on SNA [system of national accounts] non-productive activities was higher in urban areas at 67 minutes a day compared to 57 minutes in rural areas while women in rural areas spent more time on SNA non-productive activities at 282 minutes daily compared to 272 minutes for those in urban areas.

Traditionally, caring about self-care activities was a preserve of women who are known to spend a generous amount of time in the make up chair and grooming themselves before leaving the house.

The report further showed that men spend 103 minutes, 13 minutes more than women in activities involving socialising, communication, community participation and religious practice.

Men are also inquisitive since they spend 56 minutes on learning as compared to 44 minutes for women.

Women, however, spent more time on unpaid domestic services for household and family members at 242 minutes (equivalent to 4 hours 30 minutes).

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Men, on the other hand, only spent 49 minutes for the same task.

“County analysis shows that Marsabit county recorded the highest proportion of time spent per day on unpaid domestic and care work by women/girls aged 15+ years (30.2 %- about 7 hours 12 minutes per day, which is approximately 2.5 times higher than the national average (12.2%- about 2 hours 54 minutes),” read the findings in part.

“Other counties where women/girls aged 15+ years spend a high proportion of time per day on unpaid care and domestic work are Wajir, Samburu, Mandera, and Garissa.”

On the other hand, Kenyans spend just four and half hours daily on economically productive activities on average, denying the country billions of shillings in lost man-hours yearly. 

Kenya Time Use Report 2021, compiled from a Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) survey, shows that Kenyans spent 375 minutes every day, which works up to four and half hours daily, on income-generating activities, with males on average spending 352.6 minutes compared to women at 200.9 minutes.

This points to the economy’s struggles to create jobs in addition to low-paying jobs.

The survey, whose findings were released on Wednesday, was conducted across 24,000 households and further found that 941.8 minutes per day (16 hours) were spent on non-productive activities.

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