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MPs under investigation by the EACC for irregularly getting office rent refunds for properties they own

MPs under investigation by the EACC for irregularly getting themselves office rent refund for properties they own

In response to allegations that Members of Parliament are renting their own properties in violation of the law and established regulations, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has asked the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) to audit the ownership status of the Constituency offices.

The anti-corruption agency stated in a letter sent to PSC Secretary Jeremiah Nyegenye on October 11 that initial investigations had revealed PSC was relying on lease paperwork presented by MPs for reimbursement reasons without confirming the ownership of the buildings.

“The Parliamentary Service Commission does not perform due diligence to establish ownership status of the County/Constituency offices occupied by Members of Parliament,” the letter which surfaced on Saturday read.

The MPs are also under investigation on accusations of employing their family members including spouses to fill vacant positions in the Constituency or County offices. 

“The commission pursuant to its mandate received several allegations touching on Members of Parliament. It was alleged that members use their own or family premises as County/Constituency offices while drawing rent reimbursement from funds emanating from the Parliamentary Service Commission,” the letter read.

“In addition, it was alleged that members employ their family members or close associates as their staff.”

To ensure compliance with the legislation on conflicts of interest and maintain objectivity when hiring County or Constituency managers and personnel, the Ethics Commission asked the PSC to do due diligence on the status of such posts.

The anti-corruption organization also warned the legislators to abide by the Leadership and Integrity Act, which forbids State Officers from taking part in actions that would constitute a conflict of interest and abuse of power.

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