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Raila tells off critics calling on him to retire from politics

Raila tells off critics calling on him to retire from politics adding that he will issue direction in the near future.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has urged his supporters to be patient with him as he waits to provide key directions on reforms in the country. 

On Friday, October 29, Raila said in Siaya County that he had chosen to remain silent since President William Ruto’s inauguration in order to consider his next course of action.

He told his detractors to stop talking about his retirement from politics and promised to leave politics at the appropriate moment.

“When my time to retire from politics comes, I will peacefully exit the stage. There shouldn’t be any discussion about that. Our focus now should be reforming the politics of this country so that democracy may thrive,” Raila stated while addressing mourners at the burial of his wife’s bodyguard. 

Raila further reiterated that he had not given up on fighting for Kenyans, adding that he would drop a bombshell that would heavily impact the politics in the country. 

“Do not give up. Be strong because I am not yet tired. Should I give up or continue? I will give directions on the path we shall take when the time is right.

“Going forward, we want to bring change to our people so that Kenyans can live a comfortable life. That is what service to the nation is all about,” he stated.

Further, he refuted claims that he was seeking to benefit from his silence and political statements adding that he only wanted to see the lives of Kenyans change.

“It is not for Raila or Ida to get something out of it. We can still stay like this and life will move on. So, the things we are doing are not just because we want to get something. We must see change,” the ODM boss defended himself. 

Since Ruto’s inauguration, Raila has maintained a low profile occasionally realizing statements opposing the Kenya Kwanza administration’s policies.

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