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Museveni’s son Gen Muhoozi says wants to be Uganda’s president to repay his mother

President Museveni’s son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba says wants to be Uganda’s president to repay his mother.

The controversial son of Uganda’s veteran leader Yoweri Museveni for the first time Thursday publicly declared his ambition to become president of the East African country.

General Muhoozi said he wants to become Uganda’s president to repay his “great mother’ in his continued Twitter meltdown.

“The only way I can re-pay my great mother is by being President of Uganda! And I shall definitely do it!!” Muhoozi tweeted.

Although Muhoozi had earlier repeatedly denied claims he intends to succeed his 78-year-old father, he has enjoyed a rapid rise through Uganda’s army ranks.

Observers have long considered that Muhoozi Kainerugaba was being groomed for Uganda’s top job.

Muhoozi’s Twitter account, with more than half a million followers, has been the headache of Ugandan civil servants and his father.

After a recent social media row with Kenya, Museveni had sought to rein in his wayward only son by telling him to stay off Twitter when it comes to affairs of state.

But a defiant Kainerugaba has continued to post on a variety of issues, tweeting last week: “I am an adult and NO ONE will ban me from anything!”

Gen Muhoozi continues, through his Twitter account, to construct a sphere of influence that places his interests in the presidency, starting with the 2026 election.

The son has been speaking about his contribution to the country, his political ability, and why he deserves a (top) seat.

“I will be the ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ or ‘Great Soul’ of East Africa! I shall unite our countries… according to the commandments of our God! Jesus Christ our God be praised always,” he tweeted recently, referring to India’s iconic non-violence proponent and independence hero.

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