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Mt Kenya has volunteered to be in opposition for the first time, Jubilee Party SG Jeremiah Kioni

Jubilee Party SG Jeremiah Kioni has now said Mt Kenya has deliberately chosen to be in opposition for the first time since 1969.

Speaking during a press briefing on Friday, August 12, Kioni said that the Mt Kenya region will pay the price for failing to overwhelmingly back the Azimio La Umoja coalition.

Kioni acknowledged that William Ruto, the Kwanza presidential candidate had defeated them in the region, a place that held power since independence.

“For the first time since 1969, we have volunteered ourselves into the opposition. It is embarrassing,” he said.

Jubilee Party SG Jeremiah Kioni said however said those in Azimio will represent the Mt. Kenya region in Raila’s government.

The SG also claimed that the region was the worst affected by the ‘ yellow wave’ noting that Ruto got the majority of votes and seats from the region, claiming that there was vote rigging in favour of their rival UDA in the Mt Kenya constituencies.

“We have learned of a massive subtle rigging scheme that took place in the 33 constituencies

However, Kioni said together with other Jubilee leaders who lost that they don’t regret it because they were standing for what they believed in.

He added that even though most of the Jubilee leaders were defeated in various seats, they were proud of their contribution to Azimio. 

“We are proud of the role we played, and we are happy with that role. None of us is bitter about the outcome,” he said. 

Kioni further said that without them supporting Odinga, Ruto would have already been declared President by now, arguing that their efforts played a critical role in countering his influence in the Mt Kenya region.

“Was it not for the messaging and the roadwork that was done by my colleagues, it is possible that William Ruto would have been declared President more than three days ago.

According to results that are being announced by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, (IEBC), Ruto has got the majority of Mt Kenya votes. Ruto’s wave has seen prominent politicians lose out on their seats to United Democratic Alliance(UDA) candidates. 

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