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NHIF scandal whistleblower claims life in danger

NHIF scandal whistleblower Salesio Thuranira says he will not go into hiding despite alleged death threats.

The whistle-blower behind the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) hospitals scandal, Salesio Thuranira, says he will not go into exile despite claims that his life is in danger.

According to Thuranira, close family and friends have advised him to go into hiding suggesting he seeks asylum in neighbouring countries following the NTV exposé but he is adamant.

“I will not run away. The problem is a part of us and I have to stay here to find a solution. To me running away will be cowardice. I am not scared provided the government gives me security,” he said.

He urged the government to stay objective even as investigations into the NHIF scandal are underway.

“I want to call on the government to be sincere. Investigations should be conducted thoroughly and not subjective to protect individuals involved in the NHIF scandal. They should be objective in assisting the people that have been affected by this scandal to get justice,” he said.

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He added that his unwillingness to leave the country was also due to people supposedly approaching him with information concerning scandals in other governmental institutions and private insurance companies.

His statement comes after earlier claimed his life was in danger after receiving death threats. 

Mr. Thuranira said his wife was called by an unidentified person who warned that “she will soon be pursuing justice as a widow”. “I reported the incident and recorded a statement with the police. This is a direct threat to my life and I suspect it is related to the NHIF (National Health Insurance Fund) scandal. I am calling on the government to protect me,” said Mr Thuranira. 

The whistleblower had how rogue hospitals minted millions in a well-coordinated illegal scheme to treat Meru residents aged 44 years and above under the guise of curing arthritis through surgery or unknown injections.

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