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UDA draws its sword to keep Ruto’s CSs and PSs in check

UDA to evaluate the performance of top government officials including President Ruto’s CSs and PSs.

The performance of President Ruto’s highest ranking officials will be the subject of a three-month audit by the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), which will then make its results public.

Cleophas Malala, the party’s secretary general, stated that the party will interact with millions of its followers around the nation and use an evaluation matrix to assess the performance of the Cabinet and main secretaries before recommending to the president actions to be taken to improve service delivery.

According to Mr. Malala, the audit, which will start in a month and be conducted twice a year, is intended to make sure that individuals charged with serving the public uphold the President’s desire to improve Kenyans’ lives.

The party’s work, Mr. Malala said, was to do the President’s political bidding while letting him concentrate on service delivery and implementation of The Plan and Bottom-Up Transformation Agenda.

“As a party, we will be busy interacting with the people on the ground to get their feedback on the performance of top officials, especially Cabinet and principal secretaries whom we will rate for all to see,” Malala said.

The UDA secretary general said the party would not allow anyone to derail the President from delivering on his pledge to change the lives of Kenyans.

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“We will handle the political affairs, including warding off Opposition sideshows, and we expect that the President’s appointees will not let him down,” said Mr. Malala.

Firing a warning shot on the corrupt, the party said it would not defend anyone involved in the vice and will instead call out those mentioned adversely to safeguard the integrity of government.

“If you are a CS, PS, governor, or any senior official, the moment you are mentioned in graft, you are on your own. In fact, we will be the ones calling you out because we want a clean and efficient government,” said Mr Malala.

He said the party was working on audit parameters and the survey tool, which will be fair and accountable, will be made public.

To align all the efforts to the implementation of the President’s Plan, the party will be meeting UDA governors to ensure that their development agendas are in sync with the coalition’s manifesto.

“We want our governors to ensure that what is implemented mirrors the President’s overall plan so that there is synergy and seamless service delivery to the people,” he said.

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