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ODM leaders fires back at UDA MPs over attack on Raila

Kwale ODM leaders hits back at Kenya Kwanza MPs over attack on Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

ODM leaders in Kwale County have fired back at the Kenya Kwanza MPs for attacking ODM leader Raila Odinga on allegations that he insulted Governor Fatuma Achani. 

Raila was accused of undermining women’s leadership last week while on his coastal visit for a party mass registration drive and popularity-seeking tour.

However, members of the Kwale ODM have vehemently refuted the accusations, claiming that Raila made no mention of anyone.

Kwale ODM Vice Chair Shaban Luchesi lashed out at the MPs for spreading propaganda against Raila.

Luchesi said Raila meant no harm and was trying to warn ODM party members against deflecting from their responsibilities.

“Raila’s statement was not malicious. Sadly, people are insinuating something else,” he said.

Luchesi said the Kwale ODM party shall remain strong and won’t fall for intimidation.

He said they are ready for a court battle and will defend Raila and the party to the last breath.

“They gave us an ultimatum of seven days, that’s okay let’s meet in court,” he said.

Luchesi said the ODM shall continue to play the opposition role and put the government of the day in check.

He said there are many issues affecting Kwale people that both national and county governments have turned a deaf ear to.

Luchesi said the county is confronted by numerous challenges including protracted land injustices, human-wildlife conflicts, mining, drought, and food and water shortages among others.

He said it was petty for the Kenya Kwanza MPS to gang up against Raila over unverified allegations yet they can’t do the same to address issues affecting common citizens.

Luchesi said so many injustices have happened to Kwale residents but none of the leaders is coming out for their rescue.

He said the Kenya Kwanza legislators have forgotten their mandate and associate themselves with irrelevant issues that are unbeneficial to Kwale residents.

“We elected these MPs so that they can represent us and bring development but unfortunately that is not what they are doing,” he said.

Luchesi added that the lawmakers have failed the Kwale people and the constitution.

The Kwale ODM vice chair urged the Kenya Kwanza leaders to recollect themselves and head on the right path and cease being anyone’s puppets but serve ordinary citizens diligently.

He said the leaders should have respect for Raila who has helped nurture the political career of many politicians and contributed positively to the growth of the country.

Kwale ODM youth chair Kasim Kama also criticised the Kenya Kwanza MPs for their reaction over non-useful things.

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He said instead of engaging in a war of words, the leaders should be busy concentrating on youth empowerment, job creation and fighting poverty.

Kama said the legislators should practice their oversight and representation roles and shun mere politics.

He said the leaders must stand for development and transform their energy in addressing the challenges facing the Kwale people.

Last week, Kwale Kenya Kwanza MPs led by Matuga MP Kasim Tandaza demanded an apology from Raila for allegedly insulting Kwale leaders.

The MPs also vowed tough campaigns to uproot the ODM party in the region.

However, Kwale ODM Chair Hassan Mwanyoha said the party is there to stay and that it has more popularity than any other political party in the county.

He said that come 2027, ODM will reclaim all the lost seats in Kwale.

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