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Sakaja laughs off Babu Owino bid for Nairobi gubernatorial seat

Johnson Sakaja says Embakasi East MP Babu Owino cannot become Nairobi city governor as he laughs off his 2027 bid.

Speaking in an interview with a local media station, Sakaja dismissed any chances of MP Babu Owino to rout him in the elections. 

Governor Sakaja faulted the Embakasi East for shifting focus to early politicking at the expense of serving his constituents.  

“He cannot win in 2027. People in Nairobi are smart enough and they know in whose hands the county will be safe,” he said. 

His remarks comes amid sustained attacks on the governor by the lawmaker, with seers forecasting his (Babu’s) ambition to take over City Hall in the 2027 elections. 

According to Babu, Sakaja has been mishandling the city, with supposed corruption and maladministration characterizing his tenure. 

Babu Owino criticized Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, accusing him of neglecting his duties during the recent gas explosion tragedy.

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Speaking during an ODM rally in Kamukunji on Sunday, January 4, Babu Owino condemned Governor Sakaja for allegedly being absent and celebrating his birthday in South Africa while his constituents were grappling with the aftermath of the devastating blast.

The MP expressed his dismay, stating, “The Nairobi Governor is celebrating in South Africa when there are deaths in Nairobi. The governor is in South Africa playing kwasa kwasa when the people of Nairobi are suffering.”

According to the Embakasi East MP, governor Sakaja went to celebrate his birthday abroad while residents of Nairobi lacked water.

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