Pastor dies while praying for two women with psychological problems

A Kenya pastor died while praying for people in Namayingo church where he had gone to open a church.

The pastor identified as Dominico Otieno 42, was a resident of Funyula in Busia County.

It is reported he died while praying in a church in Maakalo village in Namayingo district, Uganda. 

The deceased had gone to the area on Saturday to open Roho Mwangaza Church where he was prophesying. 

It is alleged while praying for two women who had psychological problems, Otieno started complaining of heart pain and died within a few minutes.

A member of the church said the pastor started complaining of heart pain and asked for drinking water.

Shortly after, he collapsed and died. 

The church is planning to trace his relatives back to Funyula in Kenya. 

Faustino Opiri, the Maakalo village LC I chairperson, says that the church members informed him about the incident and he rushed to the scene only to find the pastor’s lifeless body lying in the church. 

He cautioned residents to be vigilant because of the mushrooming churches in the area that lack proper foundations.

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