July 17, 2024

Polygamous husband flees after wife gets quadruplets, all girls

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A polygamous man has abandoned his wife who is still in hospital, switches off his phone; after wife gives birth to quadruplets, all girls. 

The wife, Ms. Mary Kyomugisha, 31, was left in shock after her husband abandoned her and their quadruplets, at Kisiizi Hospital in Uganda.

The husband identified Mr. Asiimwe Elkangiro fled the hospital upon hearing that his wife was supposed to undergo Caesarean Section to have four babies delivered. 

According to the caregiver, the couple already had one child before the quadruplets.

“The situation is worrying because the father of the quadruplets is polygamous. He has other two wives and Kyomugisha is the third. She [Kyomugisha] is stressed because she needs money to clear hospital bills and treatment which is more than Shs1m,” Nayebare, a caregiver said.

The wife is reported to have become mentally disturbed after learning her husband had fled the hospital.

She revealed that she struggles to buy supplementary milk for the babies because she can’t produce enough milk.


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“The babies are always crying because I cannot produce enough milk. One of my breasts has an issue so they are depending on the other breast. My husband is not supportive and affording milk is difficult,” Kyomugisha said.

The Hospital administration confirmed the development saying the operation was carried out at 32 weeks and the babies were put in incubators as the biggest weighed 1.6kg. 

“When the couple was told that they had four babies, the husband fled and immediately he switched off his phone, raising suspicion that he may fail to cater for his newborn babies,” hospital administration said.

The hospital has appealed to good Samaritans to help Kyomugisha with the hospital bills and other necessities.

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