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Raila asks Azimio supporters to get ready to reclaim their lost victory

Raila asks Azimio supporters to get ready to reclaim their lost victory in the August general elections.

Raila Odinga has declared that he will reclaim the win that he claims was stolen from him during the elections in August.

The Azimio leader promised his supporters that all was not lost and that he would devise plans to ensure electoral justice while thanking them for turning out in big numbers to vote for him.

Raila laid the responsibility at the feet of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), charging it with conspiring with foreigners to steal votes and deprive Kenyans of the opportunity to choose the leaders they wanted.

“I first want to thank you very much for voting for me as expected. We know what happened and no one should lie to you that there was low voter turnout out in my strongholds,” he said 

Without going into detail about how he intended to recapture his victory, Raila Odinga called on his Azimio supporters to get ready as he concludes the marshal plan.

“We know what happened but we will talk about it in the coming days,” he said while attending a funeral service of the mother of Bondo parliamentary aspirant Andiwo Mwai in Nyamira village. 

“Are you ready for us to chase the thieves who have stolen our cows and driven them to the other side of the village? We must return our cows home,” the opposition chief said during the burial of Jane Belinda Mwai, 88.

He pointed out that Kenyans will have no need to participate in the 2027 General Election if they cannot be guaranteed the safety of their votes.

“We cannot have a situation where people wake up in the morning and religiously cast their votes only for some foreigners to make decisions on their behalf,” he said.

Raila, who launched a campaign to strengthen his base of Nyanza supporters, also issued a warning against being divided by leaders who, in his opinion, are only looking out for themselves.

He was responding to President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza alliance’s attempts to weaken the opposition by luring away some lawmakers with ties to Azimio.

Evans Kidero, a former governor of Nairobi, and other South Nyanza politicians have committed to creating an alternative form of government to free the people from ODM rule.

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