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Ruto picks from where his former boss Uhuru left as he defies the first court order

Ruto picks up from where his former boss Uhuru Kenyatta left as he defies the first court order on CAS appiontment as the head of state.

President William Ruto ignored his first order as the head of state in CAS appointments as he sought to offer more positions to his allies. 

The Public Service Commission (PSC) insisted that the position announcement was still open and that the interviews would go forward as scheduled despite a court ruling banning the creation of the Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS) positions.

Simon Rotich, the chief executive officer of the PSC, argued that the initiative was open to public input while rejecting the lawsuit brought by the Law Society of Kenya.

He thus encouraged interested candidates to submit their applications for consideration.

Rotich stated that after conducting interviews and shortlisting candidates, the panel will then submit the names of qualified applicants to the President for the appointment.

“Contrary to the public speculation, the commission has not canceled the advert for the recruitment of Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS),” Rotich stated.

“The commission established the position in the public service after conducting public participation that closed on October 6, 2022. The public had been invited through a press advert to submit written memoranda to the commission indicating their views regarding the creation of the position,” Rotich argued.

PSC, which is in charge of overseeing civil servant hiring, asserted that the Law Society of Kenya’s (LSK) lawsuit did not meet the criteria to revoke the CAS appointments.

LSK warned the Labour and Relations Court on Wednesday, October 12, that adding CAS positions would probably balloon the pay bill.

LSK, led by its president – Eric Theuri – reiterated that the duties assigned to CAS can be executed by Principal Secretaries (PS). 

As a result, the group urged the court to throw out the advertisement.

Judge Antony Mrima of the High Court declared the establishment of the CAS to be illegal in April 2021.

In the same ruling, Mrima argued that the Cabinet Secretaries (CSs) who continued serving after the 2017 polls without being vetted were in office illegally.

However, former President Uhuru Kenyatta ignored both directives. 

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