June 14, 2024

Raila blames Ruto for Turkana chaos

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Raila blames Ruto for Turkana chaos

Azimio leader leader Raila Odinga blames President Ruto for Turkana chaos after facing hostility from local leaders

Azimio leader leader Raila Odinga blames President Ruto for Turkana chaos after facing hostility from local leaders.

Raila Odinga has condemned the chaos that forced him to flee from his event in Lodwar, Turkana, on Friday. 

President William Ruto, according to the Azimio leader, allegedly masterminded the plot after touring the area and inaugurating the Turkana Festival, where he incited local leaders against him. 

“The governor was finding that he was not aware. Of course, he was very aware, and I know that he gave assurances to Mr. Ruto that he will not allow us to speak here today,” Raila alleged that Turkana Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai colluded with Ruto to bar him from the event.

Lomorukai, an ODM politician, ditched Raila for Ruto on Thursday while pledging to aid the President in securing his legacy. 

Chaos rocked former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Friday event at the Turkana Cultural Festival after a section of Jubilee Party MCAs leaders confronted him.

The leaders had claimed that Raila had neglected the community in key appointments, citing the nomination of Winnie Odinga to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). 

Lodwar Township MCA Ruth Kuya claimed that Raila had not reciprocated the love and the support the community had accorded him.

“I am a UDA MCA, and I am not afraid to say that. I only fear God and electricity. Raila, we have given you respect as our leader. We have requested to come to you. We loved you, but you have not returned the favour.

“We have people who have walked with you here and instead of giving them the nomination to EALA, you gave it to your daughter,” the Turkana Town MCA stated.

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Prompted by the escalating tension, Turkana Central MP Joseph Emathe adjourned the meeting before Raila addressed the crowd. 

This forced some ODM supporters to raid the podium, demanding the event proceed as planned. 

“There will be no more addresses here, and I have said that as the Turkana Central MP,” he stated. 

Raila’s security aide was forced to whisk the Azimio leader to a safer area outside the venue, where he addressed the constituents. 

Nonetheless, Raila promised Turkana residents that he would return for a mega political rally as he was not deterred by the threats and open rebellion he had faced. 

“We have big plans as Azimio for this region, which we should start implementing,” Raila commented in a press briefing following the chaos.

“It is the height of political hypocrisy to refuse me even to greet the people,” he claimed but did not divulge how he would ensure the region is developed being an outsider in government. 

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