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Raila sets condition before accepting the leader of opposition position

Raila set condition before accepting the leader of the opposition position being advocated by Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza coalition.

In a memo to the National Assembly and Senate Speakers, Azimio Chief Raila Odinga listed his conditions for accepting the Office of the Opposition as proposed by President William Ruto.

Odinga accused the president of doublespeak in introducing constitutional amendments included in the Building Bridges Initiative in a statement dated Sunday, December 11. (BBI).

He specifically reminded the president of his demands when he opposed the BBI, calling him out for the abrupt reversal.

Raila demanded that Ruto follow the procedure outlined in the Supreme Court decision on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

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“These demands, all stated personally by himself are that a president cannot initiate constitutional amendments, that all proposals for amendments of the Constitution must start with the people.

“…that the process of amendment must be people-driven and that the amendments must chiefly centre on the interests of the common mwananchi,” the statement read in part.

Raila further lashed out at the head of state for copying his political ideologies and running with them as his own.

Nonetheless, he did not object to the proposed amendments, claiming that they addressed the same issues that he raised in the BBI.

Raila confirmed that he would challenge the memorandum, noting that it was part of a strategy to provide oversight to the Kenya Kwanza government.

“We will continue consultations with the leadership of Azimio, the legal team, and the people of Kenya to agree on how to deal with this about-turn by Ruto,” Odinga wrote.

Ruto’s memorandum, the Azimio leader stated, would be added to the demands mooted during the Kamukunji declaration on December 7.

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