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Raila shames the Judiciary, says no need for voting in 2027 if foreigners decide the winner 

Raila shames the Judiciary as he says no need for voting in 2027 if foreigners decide on the election winner.

Raila Odinga has criticized the Supreme Court for dismissing his suit that contested President William Ruto’s victory in the election on August 9.

Raila referred to the most recent Supreme Court decision as a dictatorship while speaking during Abdulswamad Nassir’s inauguration as governor of Mombasa, saying that they will fight any efforts to impose a leader on Kenyans.

He further stated that the seven-judge panel chaired by Chief Justice Martha Koome was unable to provide an explanation for why Ruto’s victory should be upheld.

“It was not based on any law. It was based on thuggery. We are not going to allow another dictator to become the leader of this country.

“We will also not allow the judiciary to become a dictator in this country,” he stated.

“Shame on the judiciary of this country. We will talk,” he stated.

A visibly agitated Raila said that neither him nor Kenyans will be intimidated into silence by the apex court over its skewed judgment.

“We can lead a one million march to the judiciary and tell them to go home. We have a right as a people to not agree with bad rulings.

“So the Judiciary is no exception, if they become rogue, we have power as the people of this country to reform them and send them home. We can lead a million march to the Judiciary to say kwendeni nyumbani and they will have no choice but to go home,” Raila said. 

Azimio leader Raila Odinga added that he sees no need why Kenyans should wake up in 2027 to vote if what happened in the August elections will be repeated.

“I am not talking as Raila Odinga. What the people saw happening on September 5 was a shock. Why should the people wake up early in the morning to wake up and vote?” he wondered.

“Why should women, the elderly (and) the disabled queue for so many hours to cast their votes when at the end of the day it is a mercenary from Venezuela called Jose Camargo who eventually decides who becomes the president of this country?” Raila asked.

The ODM leader said it’s appalling that the court was shown evidence of how the foreigner interfered with results on the public portal but the court dismissed it as hot air.

“How is it possible that a device transmits results from Mt Elgon and eight minutes later it transmits results from Nyeri? Is that not dramatic? Raila posed.

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