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Raila warns Judiciary over Ruto’s scheme

Raila warns Judiciary over William Ruto’s scheme to compromise its independence in decision-making and delivering justice.

On Saturday, November 5, Azimio leader Raila Odinga issued a warning to the Chief Justice over a scheme by President William Ruto to undermine the judiciary’s independence.

Speaking in Kilifi County, Raila urged Koome to consider Ruto’s proposal to mend the judicial relationship with the executive as part of a larger plot to take control of the judiciary.

He claimed that if the Chief Justice gives up her institution’s independence, Kenyans will be forced to pay the price of a compromised legal system.

“The marriage between the executive and judiciary is unlawful. Even without the judiciary asking for salary increments or funding, they already offered them Ksh3 billion, which is just a bribe.

“If you witness such a cordial relationship between the government and the courts, then it is a threat to the human rights in the Constitution,” Odinga declared.

Raila further castigated Koome over the language used by the Supreme Court when it delivered its ruling on the election petition.

“The other day, they ridiculed us by saying that the terms they used were simple English. Even if that were the case, how do you use such words (in a petition ruling)? That it is an insult,” Odinga complained.

In addition, he reiterated his demands to Ruto to employ the services of international investigative agencies to probe extrajudicial killings in the country.

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