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Blood clots warning: types of drinks to avoid

Blood clots warning and four types of drinks to avoid that can cause ‘hardening’ of arteries.

Our health is greatly impacted by our diet. For instance, consuming certain meals may increase our risk of weight gain or high cholesterol. However, the type of drink we consume can have an equal impact.

Nutritionists caution that drinks with excessive sugar may increase the risk of atherosclerosis, which is the thickening or hardening of the arteries. 

This condition can result in blood clots.

Nutritionists say that sugary drinks may contribute to blood clots because of their impact on cholesterol levels.

Blot clots are tiny collections of blood that have solidified into something like gel.

When you receive a wound, they are important to help stop excessive bleeding, but those that don’t break down naturally can be hazardous.

And this is a severe problem if it spread to organs like the heart or lungs.

“Sugary foods are also involved in multiple pathways that lead to atherosclerosis. Similar ones to those of fats.

“Sugar not only increases low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (‘bad’) but it also brings with it a lot of oxidative stress and inflammation, which causes low-density lipoprotein to form oxidized low-density lipoprotein (oxLDL, which can raise your risk of atherosclerosis) as well.

“As with the fats, the inflammation drives processes like platelet aggregation, which is how blood clots are formed.

“Platelet aggregation is one of the factors involved in atherosclerosis, and is what leads to obstruction and blood clots.”

To lower the chance of developing a blood clot, it is advisable not to drink too many of the following drinks:

  • Fizzy drinks
  • Low-quality fruit juices (added sugar, no pulp)
  • Cordials
  • Energy drinks.

Symptoms of a blood clot include:

  • Throbbing or cramping pain, swelling, redness, and warmth in a leg or arm
  • Sudden breathlessness, sharp chest pain (may be worse when you breathe in), and a cough or coughing up blood.

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