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Do eating more groundnuts boost your stamina or se3 life in men? KNH Experts

Groundnuts and effects on stamina or se3 life in men according to Kenyatta National Hospital research.

Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) experts have weighed in on the age-old belief whether eating groundnuts boost stamina in men or what is commonly known as erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get an erection and keep it long enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. 

The condition is more likely to affect older men than younger men but nowadays more young men suffer from erectile dysfunction

However, in their research, KNH experts dismissed the notion that groundnuts increase stamina

Do groundnuts boost stamina/ sex life?

KNH first mentioned the research via a social media post on Friday, September 16. 

“Stamina daddy? Myth or fact,” the social media team captioned a video of a young man thinking of the nuts. 

As promised, KNH shared their findings about ground nuts and the myth that they increase virility. According to a post three days later, there was no concrete evidence that groundnuts increase stamina but have other reproductive benefits in men.

“Our experts conclude that peanuts contain compounds that may improve spermatozoa quality and erectile dysfunction but no conclusive evidence if provided.” 

The verdict said it was a myth. 

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What do other researchers say?

According to research published by Forbes, the perception of sex-function improvement in eating groundnuts was high, but chemical evidence was nil.

The latest study started with a group of 83 healthy men between the ages of 18-35. 

For 14 weeks, half of the group ate a typical “western-style diet” (high fat, lots of processed foods) without nuts, while the other group ate the same diet supplemented daily with a 60-gram mixture of walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds.  

Participants answered a questionnaire at the start and end of the study designed to assess their sexual function (including the strength of libido and quality of orgasm), and their peripheral blood levels of nitric oxide (NO) and E-selectin were measured. 

Both chemicals are reliable markers of “erectile endothelial function,” which affects the quality of blood flow resulting in an erection.

The results showed that compared to the no-nuts control group, the nuts group self-reported a “significant increase in orgasmic function and sexual desire.” 

The blood tests, however, didn’t reveal a difference in NO or E-selectin levels between the groups. Quoting from the study: “In the present study, none of the possible mechanisms explored (NO and E-selectin as surrogated markers of endothelial function) seem to explain the beneficial effects observed on orgasmic function and sexual desire.”

So the results suggest that the men eating nuts felt like they were getting a sexual performance boost, but the big chemical changes the researchers would expect to accompany those results didn’t materialize. 

The perception of sex-function improvement was high, but chemical evidence was nil.

The results didn’t support a strong conclusion that adding nuts to a typical diet will improve sexual function. 

Rather, the outcome looks more like a placebo effect – and yes that’s still an effect, but not one supported by tangible evidence.

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