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Male doctor caught enthusiastically munching a female nurse in hospital washroom after witch doctor’s magic

Male doctor caught enthusiastically munching a female nurse in hospital washroom after witch doctor’s magic, herbalist Wema Kamaliza.

A Male doctor based in a private Nairobi Hospital was caught enthusiastically champing a nurse in the washrooms after his wife sought the services of a witch doctor.

The two are believed to have been having an illicit relationship for some time.

At one point, the doctor’s wife stormed the facility and caused a scene demanding that the nurse keeps off her territory. 

However, the man threatened his wife that he was going to take in the single mother of two as his second wife, something that angered his wife. 

To protect her territory, the distressed wife quickly sought the services of herbalist Wema Kamaliza who laid the trap for the two lovebirds. 

Barely a few days after she executed the plan, the two lovebirds on their usual evil mission got stuck in the hospital’s washrooms while chomping late in the evening few minutes after the nurse handed over the shift to her colleague and the doctor had just reported for a night shift. 

Dozens of people, including patients, coworkers, and support staff, flocked to the hospital’s bathrooms to watch the drama and witness the unusual encounter.

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The man’s partner was quickly informed, and she made it to the hospital. 

“Yes, I wanted the whole world to know that you are unfaithful, John. After fifteen years together, you want to marry a second wife? You are wasting everything we have worked hard for on this woman? Enough is enough,” the woman was overheard, ranting in anger. 

After three-hour-long negotiations, the two were separated from agony. 

The doctor has since resigned from the facility while the female nurse has gone underground, and it’s not yet clear if she will report back on duty. 

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