Pastor jailed to 50 years for brainwashing and defiling 4 minors during a night prayer session

Pastor jailed to 50 years by a Mombasa court for brainwashing and then defiling 4 minors during a night prayer session.

A Mombasa court sentenced a pastor who brainwashed four youngsters and then defiled them during night prayers to 50 years in prison.

During what he claimed to be a prayer session in his home and the homes of his followers, Sammy Maingi Charo, also known as Pastor Aaron Kalama, sexually molested the youngsters and caused the pregnancy of one of them.

The religious leader was accused of four counts of sexual abuse. The youngsters ranged in age from 10 to 17.

Charo committed the offenses on diverse dates between October 2019 and September 2020 at Kinarani village in Kilifi County.

According to an account by the victims, the convict was praying for people inside the house of one of his followers.

It was during that time the victims sought spiritual intervention from the “man of God” but the pastor took advantage of them.

“After several sessions of prayers, we started spending the nights at the follower’s house. The prayers would be conducted in the sitting room but they would be called one by one to a separate room for prayers,” one of the victims said.

She further narrated that on one of the nights during their usual prayers, Pastor Charo called her inside a separate room.

“The pastor told me that he wanted to get intimate with me so that God’s grace may come upon me,” the minor recalled.

Being naïve, she accepted the offer for the “grace of God”.

This trend continued whenever the minor attended the prayers in a secluded room.

“He would warn me against telling anyone about it,” she said, adding that the man brainwashed her into believing that the “grace of God” would be upon her whenever she gets intimate with him.

The second victim stated that a lot of people were attending the prayers but then the pastor would separate the “sheep” and the “goats” at the end of the prayer.

“He would ask the girls to remain behind for “more” prayers at night. We would then be called for separate “prayers” and get defiled,” the 15-year-old said.

The minor told the court that the accused approached her for the first time saying he had been sent by God to defile her.

“I believed him. He would play loud music whenever I was with him in his room so that those in the sitting room would not notice anything,” she said.

For the third victim, she explained that ill health pushed her to seek spiritual intervention from the accused.

“But after a while, the pastor told our parents that we would be sleeping at Alex’s house for overnight prayers,” she narrated, adding that one night, the accused told her that if she got intimate with him, she would get to see the light in God’s kingdom.

The fourth victim’s case exposed the man of the cloth’s conduct after she got pregnant after attending the overnight prayers together with the other girls.

She identified the pastor as the one responsible for the pregnancy leading to the rescue of the other three girls.

But one night as they were sleeping, the minor said police officers stormed the followers’ house and arrested all the occupants.

They were then taken to the hospital where their samples were taken after being treated.

The pastor has now been jailed for 50 years; 15 years for each of the two minors aged 15 and 10 years for the other two aged 17 years.

“In respect of counts I and IV, the accused person is sentenced to serve 10 years imprisonment in each. In counts II and III, he is to serve 15 years imprisonment each. The sentences run consecutively, ” said the magistrate.

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