Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika sends a demand letter to Ruto over reverting port operations to Mombasa

Susan Kihika, Nakuru City Governor sends a demand letter to William Ruto over reverting port operations to Mombasa.

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika stated that she will respect the choice taken by President Ruto as it was in the interest of serving the people of Mombasa. 

Speaking on Tuesday, September 20 in Nakuru City, Kihika stated that

she desired that the status quo be maintained, adding that the Naivasha Inland Port would have been part of her transformative program.

However, the governor said she will respect the choice taken by President Ruto as it was in the interest of serving the people of Mombasa. 

She asked President Ruto to move fast in the construction of the Naivasha Industrial Park after he reverted port operations to Mombasa.

“Obviously we would have wanted for things to stay as they were but given that he was given an overwhelming mandate to be the president of the Republic of Kenya, in as much as I am asking him for support on my agenda, let him do what is best for our country,” she noted. 

“However. I have spoken with the president on that issue and he promised that he will give us the necessary help to ensure that our dream of having a functional economic zone is realized,” she added.

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In response to complaints from locals about the lack of employment prospects in the coast region, Ruto had promised during his campaign to bring clearing and forwarding businesses back to the Port of Mombasa.

The President made it clear that the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) expansion was necessary to harness the riches of the area and develop an industrial city in Naivasha.

“We were supposed to do an industrial city so that the SGR would not only bring raw materials but would also take out finished products. It did not end up in Naivasha for no reason, we wanted to tap into the geothermal resources in Naivasha,” Ruto stated in June 2022. 

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