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Raila’s spokesperson chides Kenyans celebrating UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Raila’s spokesperson, Makau Mutua chides Kenyans celebrating UK’s next Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Raila’s presidential Campaign Secretariat spokesperson in the August elections, Makau Mutua has chastised Kenyans for celebrating former UK chancellor Rishi Sunak on becoming the nation’s new prime minister.

Makau Mutua, a law scholar in the US stated that it was hypocritical for Kenyans to honor Sunak and the 44th President of the United States, who attained historical honors by ascending to lead their nations while excluding other communities from ruling Kenya.

He particularly raised his concerns with the Defence Cabinet Secretary nominee, Aden Duale, who led the celebrations.

“Kenyans rightly celebrated when Barack Obama became US President. Today, they rightly celebrate when Rishi Sunak becomes PM of the UK.”

“But can a Luo or Indian become the President of Kenya? Why celebrate others while denying ours the same opportunities in Kenya? I am asking Aden Duale,” he posed. 

Duale had praised Sunak’s triumph while honoring his Kenyan heritage. He was pleased that Sunak would play a significant role in politics, altering the course of history and solidifying his reputation.

The Defense CS nominee praised Sunak’s background and youth, noting that he was the position’s youngest holder in more than 200 years.

“Tracing his roots to our beloved country Kenya, Sunak is among the many prominent personalities we, as a nation, can take pride in. I join other Kenyans and the world in congratulating him.”

“At 42, he is a man of many firsts. Sunak is the first person of colour and the youngest to occupy the office in over two centuries. Coincidentally, as if a gift of Light on this Diwali Festival, he is the first Hindu too,” Duale stated. 

Makau Mutua, who was Raila’s presidential Campaign Secretariat spokesperson in the August elections lashed at Kenyans celebrating Rishi Sunak over Raila’s loss in the last election.

In his own opinion, it was hypocritical for the Kenyans to celebrate the minority groups in other nations ascending to power while here in Kenya are denied the same opportunity.

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