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Raila issues demands after Ruto advertises IEBC vacancies

Raila issues demands after Ruto advertises IEBC vacancies as he questions Chebukati’s overstay at the polls agency.

Speaking to the press on Monday, October 24, lawmakers allied to Raila’s led Azimio questioned the integrity of the process to replace Chebukati as well as commissioners Boya Molu and Abdi Guliye.

The coalition, led by Opiyo Wandayi, leader of the minority in the National Assembly, urged that Chebukati and the commissioners go on terminal leave so that the procedure may be carried out without interruption.

He went on to say that the group had accrued enough vacation days and made a commitment to evaluate their performance while in office.

“What could they be doing at Anniversary Towers three months to their retirement yet they have accumulated leave days over the years? What mischief are they playing at Anniversary Towers? Why is it so difficult for Chebukati and his friends to go home yet the Law requires them to go home three months to their exit dates?

“We are still calling upon them, Chebukati, Boya Mulu, and Guliye, to proceed on terminal leave without any further delay and anything you are attempting to do at the Anniversary Towers will come to haunt you for sure. What is it that you want to do within these two and a half months that you were unable to do in six years?” stated Wandayi.

The coalition further noted that the opposition had not been consulted before the three vacancies were declared.

“We saw the information in the media that some people have started the process of replacing Chebukati. The leadership in this country must be put together. The leadership of Azimio, Kenya Kwanza, and all the other smaller parties must come together to choose the referee,” he stated.

President William Ruto announced the IEBC vacancies in a Gazette notice on Friday, October 21.

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