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Reasons behind Gideon Moi, Nick Salat infighting in KANU

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Reasons behind Gideon Moi, Nick Salat infighting in KANU

Gideon Moi, and Nick Salat infighting in KANU over the control of the party's prime assets

Gideon Moi, and Nick Salat infighting in KANU over the control of the party’s prime assets.

The current hostility between Kanu’s chairman Gideon Moi and secretary general Nick Salat is claimed to be rooted in claims of the unauthorized sale of some of the party’s most valuable assets.

According to the Daily Nation report, officials in Gideon Moi’s faction said besides insubordination and misconduct, Mr. Salat engaged in the sale of some of the party assets without authorization by the relevant organs. 

Mr. Salat, however, rejected the allegations and pressed the party to present any transaction that did not include Mr. Moi’s signature.

According to documents submitted to the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties, Mr. Moi and Mr. Salat have signature authority over the party accounts (ORPP).

Kanu has asserted ownership of properties valued at Sh2 billion in 2012. A decade from now, the value might be higher.

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As a result of misbehavior and a violation of the party constitution, Kanu suspended Mr. Salat on Thursday.

According to a Moi camp official, Mr. Salat will face accusations from the party’s disciplinary committee for allegedly taking part in the sale of party assets. Sunday Nation has also learned that Mr. Moi held a crisis meeting at his Kabarak residence this morning.

In order to quell internal unrest against him after Mr. Salat called for his resignation, Mr. Moi is anticipated to meet with representatives from the 47 counties.

“The chairman will be meeting with all the 47 county party officials at his Kabarak home at 9 am. This is part of the preparation for the restructuring of the party,” said a party official, who requested anonymity.

Nick Salat has however indicated he plans to proceed to court to stop his possible ouster from the outfit. He said Mr. Moi has been involved in every transaction the party has done. 

“Tell them not to go that direction because it will end up with casualties. No transaction takes place without his (Moi’s) signature. Tell them to show you any transaction that has been done without him appending his signature,” he said.

“Why can’t they provide you with a list of the property? Any transactions the party has done, he (Mr Moi) is involved.”

The party had previously claimed that some of its Sh2 billion assets had been grabbed even as it sought to reclaim them.

In its height, Kanu had offices and assets across the nation, making it challenging to distinguish them from those of the government.

Kanu House Building in Nakuru, 150 acres in Naivasha, and a number of additional parcels of land, including beachfront lots in Lamu and Malindi, are among those displayed in its 2012 list. In addition to these cities, the party also maintains residences in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Machakos, Meru, Kisii, Kitale, Rumuruti, Kabarnet, Isiolo, Kitui, Narok, and Kilgoris.

Others are in Homa Bay, Kajiado, Garissa, Wajir and Marsabit.

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