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Elderly and vulnerable Kenyans hit out at Ruto for “sabotaging” Uhuru’s project

Elderly and vulnerable Kenyans hit out at Ruto for sabotaging Uhuru project; the Inua Jamii fund, which they depended on.

Elders and vulnerable Kenyans cried out to President William Ruto after the Inua Jamii fund, on which they relied, has been delayed.

On Wednesday, December 14, fund beneficiaries complained that Ruto’s government had forgotten about them as they had yet to receive the Ksh2,000 monthly stipend issued during the tenure of former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Martha Wangari of Gikomo village in Kieni, Nyeri, explained the difficulties she has faced since Ruto’s election.

“Uhuru Kenyatta would give us money. It helped a lot in buying food. When Ruto came in, we have not been receiving any amount. Please, Mr President, help us, we are grappling with hunger,” she urged. 

She further added how she reared chickens during Uhuru’s tenure, with the project benefiting her and many more. 

“The amount of money I would receive used to help me a lot. I would eat eggs because I had bought hens,” she cried out.

Her grandson, Anthony Kanduthu, echoed her words and urged the president to act swiftly.

“We are pleading with Ruto to give the elderly and those living with disability the required money as it helps them a lot. We also benefit because we will not bother them with demands,” he announced.

The elderly have struggled to access medical services, lamenting that their health is deteriorating.

The delay was caused by the Treasury, which had yet to disburse funds, according to the Ministry of Labour’s department of social protection.

Treasury cabinet secretary, Njuguna Ndung’u, pledged to look into the matter and solve the elder’s plight.

The National Assembly Social Protection Committee, chaired by Alice Ng’ang’a, announced plans on December 8 to table a new bill that would increase the Inua Jamii Cash Transfer program from Ksh2,100 to Ksh3,500 monthly.

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