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Ronaldo to commit to Saudi Arabia partnership until 2030

Ronaldo tipped to commit to a Saudi Arabia partnership until 2030 in a €200m per year deal according to reports.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo is most likely moving to Saudi Arabia to play football for the next two years, he will have much deeper ties to the nation.

Currently a free agent, the Portuguese forward has been waiting for offers in Europe but hasn’t been able to uncover anything that interests him.

The Frankfurt Eintracht President Philip Holzer acknowledged that they had received a Ronaldo offer earlier in the month. 

His remarks about DAZN were picked up by MD.

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“They have offered Cristiano Ronaldo, to us. Yes, even we were offered him, and I have the feeling that he has been offered to all the participants in the competition [the Champions League].”

According to Marca, Ronaldo is set to agree to a €200m per year deal with Al-Nassr, yet he will also commit to a partnership with the country itself. 

He will be part of their World Cup bid with Egypt and Greece as an ambassador. 

They are competing with other joint bids from Spain-Portugal-Ukraine and a South American bid from Argentina-Uruguay-Paraguay-Chile for the centenary event.

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