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Ruto allies blast Bishop Jackson Ole Sapit for criticizing government ‘You supported Raila’

Kimani Ichung’wah claims ACK Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit is a gun for hire following his recent criticism of Ruto government over the high cost of living.

Kikuyu MP and National Assembly Leader of Majority Kimani Ichung’wah has fired back at Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit over his criticism of President William Rutogovernment. 

The Kikuyu MP claimed that Ole Sapit was a gun for hire for a political faction he is inclined to, which is critical of Ruto’s administration.

He argued that Sapit was turning a blind eye to the progress made by Ruto’s administration because of his political inclination. 

“Even if we correct each other because we respect our church leaders. Ole Sapit don’t be insulted by calling this government rhetoric. You are not counting how much the government has done,” said the MP. 

“It’s okay for religious leaders to correct the government but some of you are becoming abusive. We know Ole Sapit campaigned for Raila. We respect Ole Sapit but let him not be blind to the reality of the country today. We’re not asking for his support, we are asking for his prayers,” he added.

Ichung’wah’s remarks come after the cleric called out the government for overtaxing citizens and doing too little to bring down the cost of living in the country. 

Ole Sapit had called out Ruto administration accusing it of engaging in rhetoric and excuses instead of putting deliberate efforts towards the implementation of campaign pledges.

The cleric asked President Ruto to go slow on taxing Kenyans who have already been stretched with high taxes imposed on fuel and new levies introduced courtesy of the Finance Act 2023 like the mandatory Housing Levy.

“We demand that the government lives within its means and cuts down public operational expenditure. Such measures will undoubtedly encourage domestic and foreign investment,” 

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Ruto’s regime, through the Finance Act 2023, has increased the Value Added Tax charged on fuel from 8% to 16% making the commodity unaffordable.

The high cost of living has also become an issue of contention since Ruto took over and saw Opposition leader Raila call for nationwide protests

“The high increase in taxation noted on the VAT added on petrol is a source of concern for all. We believe it is imperative for the government to appreciate that Kenyan citizens are already stretched to their limits. “We must collectively accept that economic development cannot solely rely on taxation as its primary source of revenue,” Sapit explained.

 The ripple effect caused by the highest fuel prices ever witnessed in the country has seen the cost of transport, both of goods and individuals increase and the prices of food commodities sharply spike to match the expenditure on petroleum products.

With the bipartisan talks underway Sapit discouraged political leaders from talking about the process adding that such utterances are likely to divide the country further.

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