June 14, 2024

Ruto Writes to President Kenyatta Demanding Protection in Political Rallies

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The DP William Ruto through his UDA party has written to President Kenyatta complaining of violence witnessed in their political rallies. 

The party accused the State of condoning rogue behavior during Deputy President William Ruto’s rally in Nairobi’s Jacaranda Grounds on Sunday, January 16. 

“​​We write to express our profound concern about recent deeply worrying security incidents, sustained by official inaction and condonement by the state, and their implications in the light of the impending general election, and national stability in general,” stated UDA. 

Raila Odinga’s ODM group, according to the party, was responsible for the riotous scenes at the Jacaranda.

In an attempt to derail Ruto’s protest, the disruptors chanted Raila’s name and praised Uhuru-backed Azimio la Umoja, according to UDA.

“It has become abundantly clear that the goons were encouraged and facilitated to prevent the event from taking place in keeping with firm bedroom policy of using violence. 

This heinous behavior is an official policy of the ODM, and it has been used to undermine democratic competition for years at the expense of innocent Kenyans,” Maina continued.

Security authorities, according to Maina, had done nothing in general to prevent or arrest the “egregious criminality.”

“In the handshake era, ODM’s bedroom policy and the use of violence to advance political strategies appear to receive tacit official support to the extent that all incidents of threatened and actual violent disruption of our political events, as well as attacks on our members, are invariably treated with a contemptuous absence of seriousness,” she said. 

However, Raila Odinga, in response to the Sunday chaos, accused Ruto of sponsoring his own attacks to earn sympathy.

UDA demanded assurance from the president that Kenyan lives and property would remain protected under the law. “…and that the instruments of state and security apparatus will not be deployed in a partisan manner or to cause mayhem and deaths to propel a preferred candidate to victory,” they stated.

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